Overview:  You can use CompassNet to email or share Google Docs using the Class Pages in CompassNet. 

Note:  you can share to entire grade level by using {graduation year}@hardingacademy.me.

So for example, the class of 2019 you could share by using 2019@hardingacademy.me.

However,  if you need to share a doc to specific section, you will want to use this method:

  1. Login to CompassNet > Classes or Activities > choose your class or activity > Roster
  2. Beside "Bulk Communications" click, Students, Parents or All depending on whom you wish to send an email and then click "Bulk Communication":

  3. Click in the field with all the email addresses and click command-A to select the email addresses and command-C to copy.
  4. Now you can paste these emails into an email or if you are sharing a Google Doc you can paste these addresses into the share field. 
  5. You can also click the "Open list  in e-mail client" and it should open your email program and automatically create and address a new email.