So that Harding Academy can contact you in an emergency, we urge you to fill out the Emergency Contacts section of your children's profile on CompassNet. 

Here is a Video Explanation. 

Emergency Contacts Checklist:

  • Provide at least 3 emergency contacts.
  • If you want to get emergency text messages make sure the phone number is listed as wireless.  If the number is from your profile, edit it in your profile to list it as a wireless number.
  • All emergency phone numbers must have an area code.  If you don't put an area code in our Connect5 automatic calling system will NOT call that number.
  • All your children attending Harding must have emergency contact information entered.
  • All emergency contacts not already in CompassNet (nanny, sitter, uncle, etc.) need to be entered for each child you have at Harding. 

To add an emergency contact:

In this example, John Doe has 2 children: Sonny and Dorothy.  John will add emergency contact information for both children.

  1. Go to each of your student's contact card:

  2. Click manage phones or manage email, depending on which type of contact you want to add:
  3. Click and drag an existing relationship's phone or email address from the inactive column to the active column, or click Create New Phone number and populate the fields to add a new emergency contact.  Here you can see the existing relationships for Sonny Doe.  Click and drag the contacts you want to make active and from the drop down


 Choose "Every Time"  or "Emergency Only" from the drop down "Automated Call" fields for the "Active" emergency contacts, if you want to get calls from our Connect5 emergency calling system:


  • if you want that contact to get automated calls please mark your “Active” emergency contacts in CompassNet to have “Every Time” or “Emergency Only” chosen in the “Automated Call” field. For Harding's purposes there is no difference between “Every Time” or “Emergency Only.” Either selection will always get an automated call.

  • Choose "Never" and that contact will never get automated calls.

  • If you want to get emergency text messages make sure the phone number is listed as wireless.  If the number is from your profile, edit it in your profile to list it as a wireless number.

  1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE AREA CODES in all phone numbers.  If you don't,  go to Account >  Profile > click on the pencil icon next to the number you wish to edit:

  2. If John needed to edit his wife's information, from his profile screen he would scroll to the bottom and click on Jane Doe's name to access her profile.  
  3. Repeat step 4 to add additional contacts. Drag and drop the contacts to reorder them. If using Connect5, you can indicate a primary contact by checking the checkbox next to the person's name, anyone in the active column is considered an emergency contact.
  4. Click Save
  5. If you want to add a contact not already in the system (such a sitter, aunt, uncle, etc.) click on the "Create a new phone number" button. Enter the information, click and drag the contact to the Active column and then click Save:
  7. John will have to repeat all these steps for his daughter Dorothy: 

  8. To remove an emergency contact, drag it from the active column to the inactive column. The emergency contact may be used again in the future if necessary

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Is there are difference between "Every Time" or "Emergency Only" chosen in the Automated Call field?
    • For Harding Academy's purposes there is no difference. Harding Academy sends automated calls to any emergency contact marked as “Emergency” or “Every Time” in the automated call field.  Automated calls will be sent to notify of time-sensitive events such as school closure due to weather such as snow closure or severe storms, or emergency events at school.  If you do not wish an emergency contact to get automated calls please mark the automated call field for that contact to “Never.”  
  • How often do I need to update the Emergency Contact Information?
    • After you activate emergency contacts from existing relationships (such as a child's parent or guardian who is already in CompassNet as such) you will not have to add those contacts again.  When you update your profile information that information automatically is updated in the emergency contact information.
    • If you have emergency contact information from a  new contact (such as a Nanny, Aunt or Uncle or anyone not in CompassNet as a relation to your child) you will need to edit any change to such a contact every time that contact's information changes.  You will need to do that for each child that has such a contact as that information does not automatically update from one child's emergency contact information to another. 
  • What format do I need to enter phone numbers?
    • xxx-xxx-xxxx : you MUST include the area code or the Connect5 system will not be able to call that number.
  • What if one of my numbers for an existing relationship doesn't have an area code? How do I edit it?
    • Go to the profile of that contact and edit the phone number from the profile.
  • Who must I enter emergency contact information for?
    • You must enter emergency contacts for all your children that currently attend Harding. 
  • Is the sort order important?
    • For Connect5, the sort order isn't too important as phone calls are made to all numbers in a matter of minutes.
    • Sort order is important in that phone lists provided for field trips will list the emergency numbers in the sort order.