Owners--Adding News Content (instruction is very similar for all other content)

  1. If not already the default, pull down the Persona menu (to the right of your name and photo) and select Parent.

  2. Mouse over the Groups tab and select the community group you wish to add news to.

  3. On the right side of the page click button labeled Enter Edit Mode.

  4. In the content box labeled News, click the Add button and immediately unclick the Notification box.

  5. Type in your title, and put ALL other information in the Long Description field box.

  6. If photos or images, drag them over and arrange in the order you wish. To arrange, mouse over and then hold down mouse and drag photos to desired order.

  7. Enter a publish date and expire date (times of day if you like) and click Apply to Selected.

  8. Click Save.

  9. Return to your Bulletin Board to view changes.

  10. Let Director of Communications Deb Anderson Faulkner know when complete and whether and to what extent you would like further distribution.

If editing an existing item:

  1. Click the Pencil button next to the News item.

  2. Edit the Long Description.

  3. Follow instrux from 7 above.

To edit members of a group:

  1. After navigating to your group page, click the Roster tab.

  2. Click the Manage button on right.

  3. Use the search to Join members; use the “x” to delete members; click the “owner” link to give editing privileges to a member.

  4. Return to Bulletin Board.