Users have reported getting this error when trying to login to CompassNet with Safari: "Safari can't establish a secure connection to the server….

or You are running an unsupported browser...

Macintosh users, please try updating Safari (App Store > Updates) or use another web browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

This also may be the cause of the error:

Logging into CompassNet the best way

If you haven't already, please bookmark this link for CompassNet.

Logging in the wrong way to CompassNet

Please do not google "harding academy" and click on the ad supported link (little "Ad" icon next to it) as this costs Harding Academy for every click and you will not be able to login.. The link without the “Ad” icon next to it will work.


Also, a glitch has come up that if you click on the Ad supported link you will get this error when trying to login to CompassNet when clicking on the Login to CompassNet link.


We are working on fixing the glitch.

Thank you for your attention to this.