onMessage has its own default dimensions for the thumb, standard and zoom versions of a photo:
Thumbnail: 80 x 80 pixels Max 240 x 240 pixels
Standard: 320 x 320 pixels Max 960 x 960 pixels
Zoom: 800 x 800 pixels Max 2400 x 2400 pixels

The maximum size allowed for all images is 2400 x 2400 pixels.

  • The Thumb version of the photo is what appears alongside a news story.
  • The size of the thumb is dictated by the category Image settings.
  • News categories default to the Thumb option set at 80 x 80 unless larger specs are entered.
  • To have photos appear larger than normal thumbnail size, up the max Thumb option of 240 x240 - and then re-upload the images.

If you would like them smaller than this, you can adjust those dimensions in the News categories by going to onMessage > Content > Photos > Category Title and re-upload the images again for the new category setting to take effect.