How to login to studentlocal:

  • From this screen click "Sign in with Local User"
  • From this screen type studentlocal for the username and hellohello  for the password. 
  • On the following screens, on the Apple ID screen click Setup Later  and then Skip

  • If a student has created a local account on their laptop using Sign in with Google they would put the short version of their username and password here.  (So Jane Doe '22 would be doej2020 as the username and her Harding password.)

  • The student specific user accounts should already be on the student computers (doej2022 e.g.) but if not, to create a local user from this screen click Sign in with Google
  • To get to this screen where the student signs in with their Harding Gmail address and password:
  • click enter
  • click next
  • enter your Harding gmail password here twice