Creating Your Account - Teachers

  • Go to
  • Click "Sign In"
  • Click "Sign In with Google"
  • Enter your Harding Gmail credentials
  • Click Create a New Account
  • Choose I'm a Teacher
  • Choose Sign Up with Google
  • Join School - Enter Harding Academy, Nashville TN
  • Create Class name

Creating An Account - Students

  • Open the Showbie App
  • Click "Sign Up for Free"
  • Click "Sign In with Google"
  • Enter the student's Harding Gmail credentials
  • Click Create a New Account
  • Choose " I'm a Student"


Q: What is the best way to have students sign up for Showbie?

A:  Have them do it in class.  The Showbie app is on all their iPads.  Have them type in their username (John Doe 2025 would be and then you can type in the password. Student credentials can be found on Faculty Links > Information > Student Usernames & Passwords iPad/Laptop #'s 

Q: Can you sign in to Showbie from a laptop/desktop computer? 

A:  Yes.  For teachers, this will be the easiest method to upload content. However,  for students there a lot of editing tools missing from the desktop version vs. the iPad version.

Q: How do I find my class code on the iPad?

A: Click on the desired class and then the wrench icon to view "Class Settings"

Q:  What are the limits of the free version of Showbie?

A:  The biggest limitation is you can only have 10 active assignments. However,  you can archive assignments to stay under the limit.  This help article shows you how to archive your assignments. Note:  you can add "Shared Items" to activities and this doesn't count against your activity limit. 

Q:  What are the best tools to digitize paper content?

A:  Genius Scan is good for mobile devices.  At school,  the copiers all have the ability to scan to email. 

Q:  Is there a way to quickly evaluate turned in worksheets?

A:  Yes.