Overview:  you are going to login to Magnus through CompassNet, create a second set of login credentials that you will use to log into the Magnus Mobile App so you can fill out the COVID survey daily.   The survey is only available on the Magnus Mobile App.  Your ability to login to Magnus through CompassNet will not change. 

Video Explanation(4:21)

  • Download the Magnus App (iOS / Android)
  • Login to CompassNet > Resources > Magnus
  • In Magnus > click on name > choose Change credentials
  • Setup username and password for Mobile App: NOTE you may not be able to use your CompassNet username.
    • This WILL NOT affect your ability to login from CompassNet by clicking on Resources > Magnus. 
    • The new login credentials will work for Mobile only. 

When you login to the Mobile App you will see a screen like this (click on your student's name). You must fill out a survey for each of your students. 

 Click Covid-19 (if that doesn't show; delete the app and reinstall it): 

Fill out the survey and submit: (NOTE:  you can go back and change answers after you submit if you made an error).