List of Top 200 Worst Passwords.  Read it here to see if your password made the list.  Nonetheless,  the best account protection is enabling two factor authentication if that's an option. 


Office Editing in Chrome.

I have enabled the native function in Chrome.  This article details how you can edit a Microsoft Document through Chrome on the Google Drive.  In short, for example, if you open an Excel file from Google Drive through Chrome, use open with Google Sheets and you can edit the Excel file.  You can do this with Word and PowerPoint files as well. 


Flash Support Ending in Chrome.

Websites that use Flash will not be supported in the Chrome web browser after 2020.   This article details the timeline.  "If the site continues to use Flash, and you give the site permission to run Flash, it will work through the end of 2020."  This website will allow you to test your websites to see if it still uses Flash. 

11/12/2020 (UPDATE)  This issue has been resolved as of 11/12/2020. 

CompassNet - Comments in GradeBook

Not to be confused with comments on grades (end of term reporting), if you enter more than 256 characters on a grade in grade book,  you will not be able to save the comment and unless you close the gradebook window, you will not be able to save any comments (even if they are less than 256 characters).  

Unlimited Storage for Personal Google Photos Ending June 1, 2021.

According to this article, will start charging for all photos storage over 15 GB.  This includes the previous unlimited storage of the "high quality" photos.  You can purchase storage through Google at these rates: $1.99 / month for 100GB and has tiers going through 200GB ($2.99 / month), 2TB ($9.99 / month), and all the way up to 30TB ($149.99 / month) which are very competitive.   Note:  this does NOT apply to your Harding Google account, which remains unlimited. 


Blur/Special Background Google Meet

If you have a Harding MacBook Air, you may wonder why you don't have the blur/special background option available.  It is because you turned hardware acceleration off in Chrome so you laptop would not lockup or freeze while participating in Google Meets.  TLDR:  Don't turn on hardware acceleration on to get blur/special background in Google Meets or you risk your laptop freezing up.  


ERB Secure Browser -  self-service fix for Mac laptops

Applications > Manager > Self-Service > My Commands > ERB Secure Browser Install

If a student's ERB secure browser won't launch properly and you restarted the student laptop, run the command above from the student computer to fix the ERB secure browser quitting and failing to launch.   You can tell the command finished successfully when the ERB secure browser icon looks like this:


G-Suite is now Google Workspace.  The tech department will now refer to the official name of docs, sheets, drive, etc. as Google Workspace. See this article.


HP Printers (that use HP drivers) now should be working with Mac. If you HP printer is setup with a generic or Airprint driver this issue didn't affect you.  Technical detail: "Update: The previously revoked signature has now been unrevoked, as of the night of 24-25 October. Thanks to Mr Macintosh for spotting this. Your old HP printer software should now work correctly again."


UPDATE: Google Meet Breakout Rooms are supported.  iPad Air 2 (Harding iPad model) now appears supported.  

Earlier this morning I was getting this message but after testing again it's working.  


New orientation video for classroom audio. 


HP and Mac Printing broken - HP printers NOT using Airprint will not work.  Solution: add printer back and choose AirPrint for the driver.


Photopea - online image editor. Full-featured and web-based. Check it out here: https://www.photopea.com/


Clipgrab works with Vimeo as well as YouTube.  View this article on how to use Clipgrab to download YouTube or Vimeo videos (or you can just grab the audio from those sources).  Note:  for Vimeo, copy and paste the video's URL into Clipgrab;  the search feature in Clipgrab will not work for Vimeo. 


Zoom Client updating on 10/26.  If you are a Zoom user, you will want to update your Zoom client on or after 10/26.  On your Harding Mac (on or off campus): Finder > Applications > Manager > Self-Service > My Commands > Update Zoom (takes 5-10 minutes).  On a Harding Windows Computer (on-campus only) > Programs > ManageEngine Self-Service Portal > Click on Zoom. 

Update details:

Mac - https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201361963
Windows - https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/201361953 


Google Meet: Breakout Rooms arriving.  Breakout rooms are coming to Google Meets.  This video shows you how to use it. 


MacOS Catalina. Do not download to your Harding Mac. You won't be able to install it and it will take up 8GB of storage on your device. We are not going to upgrade our Harding Macs to Catalina this year because there is no compelling reason. Also, it may break some apps that are still 32 bit.  


Classroom Audio - how to avoid reverb. 


Google Forms - Teachers can now  send forms to students and force them to login to their Harding Googl account.   Faculty (hardingacademy.us) and students (hardingacademy.me) are in separate Google domains. Last year to make sure students were filling out the form through their Harding Google account you had to send a form from a hardingacademy.me account. 

NO LONGER.  Faculty (hardingacademy.us) can now send forms to students (hardingacademy.me) that will require students to fill out the form from their Harding Google account.   In Google Forms, click the settings gear, choose the "General" tab and check "Collect email addresses" and "Restrict to users in Harding Academy and its trusted organizations" and "Limit to 1 response."  This works because hardingacademy.me is a "trusted organization." 


Virtual Parent Teacher Conferences:  we are instructing parents to prepare their devices ahead of time to make sure their video and sound is configured properly.  Keep in mind that if the audio is working, attendees can call in using the dial-in number.  If you run into this issue, quickly present your Meet window with the dial-in information pulled up.  


Google Meets: Q&A and Polling coming.  Per this article, starting October 8 this feature will start rolling out.

Google Meets: Jamboard integration.  See this article.  This feature is now live on our domain.


Updated Guide to Using the Owl Camera in Google Meet (Faculty Links > Tech Guides)


Zoom - reminder that if you don't use Zoom  often you should update the program on your Harding Mac well before your scheduled meeting. To update Zoom: Finder > Applications > Manger > Self-Service > My Commands > Update Zoom. You will see a notification the command was send. It can take few minutes for the command to run and update your Zoom App. 


Removed App from Student iPads

Whiteboard - replacement > Doodle Buddy. 

i-nigma QR Code - replacement > Camera App (Instructions)


PDF's in Google 

This popped up in my GAdmin feed this morning:

"We are having a lot of reports of users not being able to open PDF documents from Drive, Classroom, Gmail this morning. Says "Couldn't preview this file". This is on Macs and Chromebooks. On the Mac sometimes they can download the file and open it in the Apple program Preview, but no solution on the Chromebooks. Using Texthelp PDF Reader it errors out also sometimes. Nothing was showing on the Google status page. Just curious if others are seeing this or have a solution. The Macs are on Chome version 85. The Chromebooks are on version 84."

So if you are seeing this issue, please have your students download the PDF to their Mac and open it with Preview.

Sometimes opening this PDF is challenging, so have the students click on the three dots to the right and choose "open in new window"

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 12.12.55 PM.png

In the window that pops up click on either the download icon and if that doesn't work the print icon and choose "Save as PDF"


CompassNet: Importing Assessments from Prior Years - a quick video (3:12) on how to import assessments from prior years with the new CompassNet assignment interface. 


Google Meet now natively supports viewing 49 participants.   This is important because we currently use the Google Grid View (fixed) extension, which you can continue to still use.  But, if the extension quits working, you now have native support for viewing up to 49 participants. 

  • Google Meet now natively supports a tiled view of 49 participants (7x7).
  • If you want to use this instead of the Google View Grid extension, click on the View extension icon so that it has a line through it, disabling it. 
  • Go to settings (bottom right) > change layout > choose the tiled layout and slide the user count up to 49


Google Meets - more host controls.  In addition to turning chat on and off for everyone you can also do the same for sharing screens. 


Accelerated Reader - now available for students when they are in the HSTUDENT network.  


Showbie video links - if users on iPads are having trouble opening video links, please make sure that they are logged into the Google Drive app on their iPad.  


CompassNet Assignments:  Title Field - the title field for assignments is limited to 255 characters. That includes HTML characters. If you copy and paste your title from another source you will get HTML code that you cannot see that will count against your character limit.  To avoid this issue:  1) shorten your title text 2) use Shift-Command-V when pasting to strip out the HTML code.  3) Type the assignment directly into the title field. 

Note:  if you create an assignment from the Gradebook you will get a character count on the Title field.   If you create an assignment from the assignments tab in a class,  you will not get a character count indicator. 



Google Meet: Students dropping connection to Meet or being booted out of Meet must be re-invited to the Meet.  According to this Reddit thread, students kicked out of meet by the host or by having their network connection drop must be added back into the Meet (including recurring Meets.) Use the method below to quickly re-invite a student having trouble getting back into the Meet. 


Google Meet: New Host Settings - as the Google Meet host, you can turn chat on and off for all participants. Click on the shield icon on the bottom right, then toggle the slider beside "Send chat messages."



Firefox Blocked on Student Laptops -  Firefox has been blocked on student devices because students can download VPN extensions for FireFox that allow them to get around the web filter. 


Google Meet Moderator Controls - "We’re giving hosts (meeting creators and calendar owners) of G Suite for Education meetings new meeting safety controls to manage who can share their screen and who can send chat messages within the meeting." See the article here.


Originality Reports - Google Classroom

Classroom teachers have Google Enterprise Accounts.  One of the features of the Google Enterprise Account is the ability to " use originality reports to check work for authenticity. When you run a report, it compares a student’s Google Docs file against webpages and books on the internet. The report links to detected sources and flags uncited text. "  For more information, see this article


New Video Conference Site: Congregate for the Classroom. This product is in beta but it allows for a Meet breakout experience. 


Setup Meet Code and Check Slots for Fall 2020 Parent/Teacher Conferences. (Instructions). 

9/3/2020 (Previously emailed July 21, 2020)

Issue:   Google Meet Grid View extension - get the working version.  Make sure you are up-to-date. 

Solution:  It is recommended you install this extension:  https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-meet-grid-view-fix/dakebdbeofhmlnmjlmhjdmmjmfohiicn/related

Please remove this extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-meet-grid-view/kklailfgofogmmdlhgmjgenehkjoioip/related

When you open the link you should get a button on the right to remove it. 

Date: 9/3/2020

Updates:  CompassNet

  • A new Virtual attendance type allows you to mark students present for remote-learning courses. Blackbaud just released an update that allows us to mark students as Remote Learners while taking attendance in CompassNet.  You also have the ability to mark them as "Virtual - absent excused" "Virtual - absent unexcused" or "Virtual - tardy". Please begin to use these designations as you take daily attendance. 

    Marking a student as a "Remote Learner" will count them as present. That may not be clear when you see the options. 


New Article: Google Meet audio settings - with Meet Owl Pro.  A must watch.  


Issue: Chrome older than version 79 can overheat laptop and cause freezing and locking up. 

Solution:  Update Chrome using Manager (off-campus) or Managed Software Update (on-campus). I have extended the forced update time.  Please remind your students. Chrome will force update after Friday, September 11 so upgrade now or be forced to do so.  Concise instructions


New Article: Setting up a Google Quiz in Classroom so that students can only see the results after the teacher manually releases them to all sections.


Update:  OneMoreStory has changed it's URL to https://app.onemorestory.com/#/url-login/harding.  No login required. If you are using the app on the iPad use these credentials: Username: hardingacademy password: learn.


Reminder: Whoever creates the Google Meet link through Google Calendar is the "host" for that meet.  Only the host can admit non-hardingacademy.us users or anonymous users to their meet.

Date: 8/26/2020

Issue:  If you want to perform an Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player or Zoom update.

Solution:  Finder > Applications > Manager > Self-Service > My Commands > click on and of the commands that begin with "Update"


Issue: InFocus Touchscreen boards touch interface gets glitchy and only a reboot of the connected Mac fixes the issue.

Resolution:  We are upgrading the drivers on teachers using the InFocus boards. If you haven't signed up, click here.


Issue: Chrome older than version 79 can overheat laptop and cause freezing and locking up. 

Solution:  Update Chrome using Manager (off-campus) or Managed Software Update (on-campus).  Chrome will force update after Friday, September 4 so upgrade now or be forced to do so.